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Have you ever been in extreme poverty to a point where you have to decide among your biological children who eat and who don’t? Did I hear you say that won’t happen to me? Well, that’s the case with millions of poor families across Nigeria, Southern-Sudan, Mali, Chad, Niger, and many other African countries right now.

The poorest and low-middle-income homes in Nigeria are seeing a rapid transformation in the way people eat and drink due to extreme poverty sweeping these countries in an unprecedented way, especially in rural communities.

To add more flame to the already burning situation is the unrest in northeastern Nigeria, Cameroon, and African countries.

As a humanitarian, I have never been to a military rescue mission operation, but I was so touched by the stories of rape, malnutrition, torture, and even death of women and children captured by Boko Haram militants.

So one day I decided to put my life on the line to join a heavy military rescue mission team set for one of the strongholds where hundreds of women and children were captured and detained by the insurgent for months without food or water.

We took off the military base at about 11: 45pm and arrived at the seine at about 1:30 midnight. As you will expect, immediately we arrived at the seine there was a heavy exchange of gunfire between the military and the terrorist group.

After nearly four two of intense battle, the military overpowered the terrorist and took over the place.

Once I notice the place was abet calm together with some of the gallant military guys we begging the evacuation process of hundreds of women and children while other soldiers gave us gun fire-cover. 

But I must confess I narrowly escape dead. However, from what I saw, no human being in his right mind can bet the horrific filing of the human massacre that was going on there in broad daylight.

Many of the children were severely malnourished to a point of death. Their stomachs were swollen, pregnant with void empty intestines.

They had no flesh on their skeleton only a thin, their heads are big burdens hanging on long tiny necks, pale skin covered their bones, their eyes had receded into their skull and there was no flesh to cover the teeth.

Many of the women and children were too weak to stand on their legs and had to be carried by my team and the military.

They became a ghost of their former selves due to extreme starvation of food and water while being held captive by the insurgents; the kids look too hungry to even laugh at anything.

Immediately we arrived back from the rescue mission, the women and children were evacuated to the nearest hospital to start receiving medical, food, and other lifesaving support.

Right now, most of the children in many communities are orphans and over 70 percent of rescued women are now widows begging for charities to survive.

Save the Children from Hunger

I first met Halima; a 13-year-old girl in one of the rural isolated towns in Nigeria while I was carrying out border monitoring. She said I lost all of my family members in one month not because they were hit by a bullet but due to extreme hunger and lack of water in our community.

Now, I am surviving on wild froth in the bush to keep me alive because there is no food or water.

But before my father died, he gave me a pen and a book and told me to go to school unfailingly. Can you please tell the world I have no food and can’t go back to school if anyone out there cool help?

I will not want to disappoint my father even though he’s no longer alive she said.

Dear Compassion Friend, although many of the women and children have managed to escape the sword and bullet of Boko Haram terrorists, they are now dying of hunger unavoidably in their sanctuaries.

The children are starving to death in their homes due to inadequate food supply. There’s poor funding of prevention interventions, poor dietary consumption trends, and critical medicine shortages for these children.

Also, many of the kids are not receiving any education. I will be talking about that in my next post, but food has to come before kindergarten rhymes. The children have to eat; not starve to death. They have to eat balanced diets three times a day; not endure hunger that would render them a generation of retards. 

If we don’t provide the proper food, the child that is malnourished today and treated might be severely malnourished again tomorrow.

As compassionate friends, we shouldn’t be watching this kid in Africa starve to death for no justified reason while we can help save their lives.

Prices of foodstuff are unpredictable and many parents are jobless and lack the purchasing power to buy healthy, nutritious foods for their families.  

All forms of malnutrition have a common denominator – food systems that fail to provide all people with healthy, safe, affordable, and sustainable diets. 

Take Action

The problem of malnutrition in African families cannot just be resolve by providing only treatment. Because the more you treat malnutrition, fresh cases of malnutrition will be coming and this can go on and on unless we work on the prevention part of malnutrition.

For many families in Africa, the main challenge especially in the northern part of a country like Nigeria is food; inadequate hospital, inadequate drinking water, and so on.

We encourage you to get involved by donating for the support of poor families from severe acute malnutrition. The malnutrition rates in Africa are far, far, above what you can overlook if you have the means of helping out.

For a country like Nigeria with almost 100 + million people living on less than $1 a day, the Boko Haram conflict has left farmers unable to sow crops, land has been destroyed or mined and water sources contaminated while food shortages have pushed up prices in local markets.

At the same time, the Nigerian naira currency has lost its value and inflation has risen to more than 60 percent, making food, fuel, and goods more expensive for the poor.

If the poor families in Africa are today liberated from the fangs of acute malnutrition and poverty, it’s because you gave to support the quest for salvation.  The reward will be immense, both in the sight of God and humanity.

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