Food For Orphans In Africa – If You Can’t Feed Them All, Then Feed Just One.

Have you ever imagined what a daily life of an average orphan looks like in Africa? Most of them have never had any contact other than that within their orphanages and visitors.

The escalation of violence in Africa, particularly in north-east Nigeria, the nation’s poorest region, has marked a steady increase of orphan children who are in serious need of support.

Because Africa is a very resource-limited environment, one in ten households’ cares for an orphan or vulnerable child.

Due to lack of support, many of these children are highly traumatized; they lack food, education, free books, uniforms, school sandals, which have made millions of them remain out of school.

Nigeria in 2017 has about 18.1million orphans between the ages of 3 and 12 who have lost both parents to various conflicts. About 3 million of these children are AIDS orphans; most of them spend the night on an empty stomach.

As i speak, all of these children have suffered hardship and exploitation that has left them vulnerable in so many ways, including malnutrition, child labor, rap, and denial of basic rights.

Although it is customary in Africa for extended family and community members to care for orphans and vulnerable children, the capacity and resources of these individuals and households have been overstretched by the growing number of orphans and the complexity of their needs.

The African orphan’s challenge

The hope of these children for a better life is education supported by good nutrition which many of them are seriously lacking as there is no sponsor.

As a humanitarian, sometimes I get extremely emotional when I visit an orphanage home with hundreds of children living in an insecure environment without basic amenities.

Even though been emotional cannot solve all the problems, many times I personally take action to rescue the situation to the best of my ability as an individual.

Recently I visited an orphanage home and met two young girls Jessica and Laura crying in deep pain, when I ask what the Issus was, I was informed that both girls have turns 18 and needed to take an expensive examination so they can graduate from secondary school to progress to the university but they had no money to pay for the examination fee.

 When I saw their eagerness and determination to succeed even though they had no support, I had no choice but to pay for both of their examination fee from my own pockets.

As a single individual, my support can’t solve all their problems, however, it will help give them hope for a brighter future.

I was again on my way back from work within that same week, so I decided to pay a visit to one of the orphanage homes on a cold rainy day just to get a snippet of what life really is for these children on days like that. on my arrival, I was highly disappointed by the scene of children working barefooted under the rain looking for cover as most of the roof to the building was seriously liking.

Although none of the caregivers were around, I was able to get some info from one of the kits also an orphan who informed me that the children at the orphanage lack almost all basic needs especially food.

That whenever it rains, they don’t have a sweater or something thick to reduce the impact of the cold on them, they just wear normal clothes no matter how cold it may be.

The boy also added that the cold gets worse at night and most of the younger children sleep on the floor every night, only the big orphans were allowed to sleep on the bed. For this reason, many of them have contacted nimoner or cold.

Dear compassion friend, there are huge numbers of orphans who need your support if only you can donate. We cannot eliminate vulnerable populations, but certainly, vulnerability can be greatly reduced by your support and advocacy efforts to inspire others to join hands in the cause of helping orphans.

How can you help?

There is increased vulnerability in the social welfare system of orphans in Africa that requires urgent financial support. Do you have gently used items in your home that you no longer need?

We encourage you to donate for orphan’s welfare especially for those in the rural areas of Africa who do not have electricity, water, food, or access to education often living in a terrible condition.

For children with aids, one of the ways you can help reduce the spread is by providing us with an HIV prevention kit which we’ll be distributing to their caregivers and orphanages.

Give a unique and meaningful gift that will bring joy and change lives. Find something for everyone on your list. We’re working in a resource-limited environment as such we need your help.

As the title of this post rightly says, for food for orphans, if you can’t feed them all, then feed just one. You can make a difference in the life of these children because we believe in you.

The whole concept is to change their perception to know that they can become as successful as every other person in the world. Isn’t that great?

Impact of your donation

We strongly believe with your intervention, these children will fully thrive to their potential, and positively influence and contribute to their immediate communities and to the society at large.

It will put food and clean drinking water on their table, create awareness to the community and the outside world for the need to protect and support the vulnerable children and orphans in Africa.


Nothing will make you happier watching these children who had lost hope, regain hope, and able to provide better care for their future families and children on their own. 

We will keep you posted on events and improvement of hope among these children whenever we give them your support package.

Use of Funds

Your donations are reserved into a general fund that can be used to provide for a variety of essential needs faced by children, orphans, widows, poor communities and villages, living in extreme poverty.

We spent more on the most vulnerable disadvantaged persons at risk, including implementing community-based projects such as the construction of Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, renovation of shelters for widows, Women & Youth empowerment projects, clean drinking water projects, provision of food, and disaster relief items, etc.

Before you go...

Giving out to the needy is a very good cause with tremendous reward. also known as Give Us Water Internationaladvocates for Anti-Poverty programs to assist the underprivileged individuals affected by natural and man-made disasters in Africa.

Your financial donation means we can keep helping the most vulnerable population in Africa recover from the extreme poverty that has ravaged the continent for so long. Achieving this goal would not be possible without your financial contributions.

We need your support, together we’re strong. Every individual, donor, philanthropy, however big or small, is so valuable. Be part of our sponsor by Donating to this cause from as little as $10 – Thank You 

To donate to this cause via online click the  orange button. 

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